The human face at ICAL

ICAL works with other organizations from companies to other departments of science to solve issues that affect our health, environment, food, and objects that we take for granted in our daily live. The scientists below are a group of dedicated users who have worked at or alongside ICAL to discover groundbreaking research relating to their interests.


Frequent Users

A model of the MEMS 3D scanner.

Dr. David Dickensheets

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. David Dickensheets is the Director of MONT, or the Montana Nanotechnology Facility. His focus of research is mainly on MEMS and MOEMS (acronyms for micro{-opto}-electro-mechanical systems).

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MEMS-in-the-lens architecture figure aMEMS-in-the-lens architecture figure bMEMS-in-the-lens architecture figure c

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Example image of research done by Paul Gannon

Dr. Paul Gannon


Dr. Paul Gannon is a part of the Chemical and Biological Engineering department at Montana State Univerisity. His research interests include high-temperature corrosion, advanced materials, and education for everyone.

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X-ray photoelectron spectra of Cr 2p3/2 regions used to analyze the speciation of chromium on aluminosilicate fibers

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Image of Colin Shaw's research

Dr. Colin Shaw

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Colin Shaw is a part of the Department of Earth Sciences at Montana State University. His main interest lies in the deformation of natural materials at all scales. He continues to have active research projects in states such as Montana and Colorado and internationally in Peru.

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Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) orientation map 1Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) orientation map 2

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Biomineralized cellulose fibers, and then mineralized fibers with a thin hydrophobic silane film

Dr. Chelsea Heveran

Assistant Professor

Dr. Chelsea Heveran is a part of the Medical and Industrial Engineering department at Montana State University. Her focus lies in finding how to strengthen bone fracture resistance that deteriorates with age, and to use biomineralization to design more sustainable building materials. 

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Biomineralized cellulose fibers using jackbeanenzyme, and coated mineralized fibers with a thin hydrophobic silane film. Chelsea Heveran, PhD; Aparna Nagarajan, PhD, Jeffrey  Cameron, PhDAuger electron spectroscopy image of calcium distribution surrounding an osteocyte embedded in bone.

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A 2D projection of a combined reflection and fluorescent image from the confocal microscope

Dr. Robin Gerlach


Dr. Robin Gerlach is a part of the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. He has been affiliated with both the Center for Biofilm Engineering at MSU and the National Science Foundation.  His research focuses on a range of subjects such as biology, environmental engineering, energy, biotechnology, and microbe-mineral interactions.


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Experimental design for the characterization of growth and lipid production in this study. FE-SEM Image of the Mineral Scale Which Accumulated on the Surface of the Pup Joint Downhole in the Subject Well After Rinsing With 1% HCl SolutionA 2D Projection of a Combined Reflection and Fluorescent Image From the Confocal Microscope

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Industrial Users


Dr. George Novotnak


Armtec is the producer of the largest and most varied line of combustible ordnance and countermeasures products in in the world. We are dedicated to serving the expendable countermeasure and combustible ordnance needs of customers worldwide.  We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art ordnance products, infrared radar decoy flares, radar countermeasures, chaff and a variety of the pyrotechnic devices. 

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ERCA Hitting a Target 65KM AwayExtended Range Cannon Test of an Upgraded HowitzerHowitzer Propellent

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Backscattered electron image of waste rock mineralogy completed at ICAL

Lisa Kirk

Enviromin, Inc.

Enviromin, Inc. (Enviromin) specializes in the microbial and environmental geochemistry of mined materials and mine-affected water ( Our purpose is to empower our clients’ goals of maintaining sustainable supplies of essential materials AND clean water. Our laboratory team brings skills in microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, chemical and environmental engineering, and environmental science to develop technically sound, cost-effective strategies for source control or treatment of water.

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Backscattered Electron Image of waste rock mineralogyLaboratory scale column testing Collection of biomineralization

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Bacterial Spores

Nicholas Spain

Mesa Labs Inc.

Mesa Labs Inc. is a company based in Denver, CO, which develops, manufactures and markets high quality process validation and monitoring instruments and consumables. Mesa Labs facility in Bozeman has been utilizing the capabilities at ICAL to develop their products in last few years. Recently, ICAL assisted two of Mesa Labs consulting services (Sterilization and Validating Consulting in San Jose, CA and GenenTech in San Francisco, CA) to image the bacterial growth in metal based products using the scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

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Bacterial Spores in a single layer on stainless steelBacterial Spores in multiple layers on stainless steelBacterial Spores spread on stainless steel

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