ICAL values giving all users the proper resources to use this facility. It is not only important to create an organized system through which users can reserve and safely use its labs and equipment, but to also allow for users to participate in improving the facility. Through the User Meetings, users and staff at the ICAL can discuss current priorities and issues in a personalized fashion.

Reservations Website

Users who have completed a short course will be given access to the ICAL Equipment Reservations Website. This website shows the availability of each instrument and who is scheduled to use it. Please do not schedule instruments on which you have not been trained unless you will be accompanied by a fully-trained user or have been given permission by ICAL staff.

ICAL nanoscale image

User Meetings

ICAL hosts a user meeting every Monday from 10am -11am. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all user meetings will be hosted online. ICAL covers issues or topics ranging from outreach, new equipment, and current research projects. If you are interested in attending, please contact Sara Zacher at sarazacher@montana.edu.

Note: ICAL staff meetings are for topics relevant to the ICAL team, if you need a question that can be answered through email, please contact ical@sympa.montana.edu.