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Who We Are

Welcome to the Imaging and Chemical Analysis Laboratory (ICAL) at Montana State University!

ICAL is a user-oriented facility that supports basic and applied research and education in all science, engineering, and STEM disciplines.The laboratoryprovidesaccess tostate-of-the-artequipment, professionalexpertise,and individual training to academic and government institutions and the private sector.ICAL specializes in complementary surface, interfacial, and bulk characterization of materials via high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy. The lab promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between research, educational, and industrial fields.  

Bleeding Sulfur

Auger electron elemental maps at nanoscale resolution ofMnSmineral inclusions in a carbon steel.The maps were acquired with ICAL’s unique integrated PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobeas part of in-house research investigating microbially influenced corrosion with support by ONR.X-ray Elemental Maps of sulfur (upper blue) and manganese (lower red).

ICAL In-House Research

  • Nanoscale imaging

  • Microbial adhesion

  • Force spectroscopy

  • Nano-elasticity

  • Bioprobe development

  • Surface functionalization

  • Laser activated atom migration

  • Nano-lithography


Research Highlights

ICAL supportsa varietyresearchprojects, manyofthem funded by theNSF.Highlights from various projects illustrate the wide breadth of interests the lab engages in.Thesehave includedstudying geothermal vents in Yellowstoneandexamining eggshells from the Cretaceous.

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