Major Equipment


MSU Rate Daytime (*Evening-Weekend)

External Academic or Government Daytime (*Evening-Weekend)

Commercial Daytime (*Evening-Weekend)

Training for Independent Use

Field Emission Microscope (FEM)







FEM Short Course Required (9 hours)
Field Emission Microscope with Cryo (FEM-Cryo)







FEM Short Course + Cryo Training Required
FEM Short Course




Powder X-ray Diffraction (XRD)







2 hours
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)







2 hours
Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES)







AES Short Course Required (9+ hours)
AES Short Course $1000 $1000 $3000  
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)







Not available at this time

Minor Equipment


MSU Rate

External Academic or Government



Metallic/Carbon Coating $15 ea $15 ea $15 ea included
Critical Point Dryer $20 ea $15 ea $10 ea included
Portable X-ray Photoelectron Fluorescence (pXRF)


(3 runs/sample)


(3 runs/sample)


(3 runs/sample)


Other Fees

Technical Assistance $50/hr $70/hr $150/hr  

Evening and Weekend Rate Policies

*Evening and Weekend rates apply for instrument use by Authorized (Trained) Users with Lab Access only, not for ICAL Assisted instrument use. Evening and weekend rates apply during hours outside of normal lab working hours (i.e., weekdays 5pm to 9am, weekends, MSU staff holidays)

Reduced Rates for Overnight Runs

Some uses are time-intensive and are best done during low-use hours. For example EBSD/EDS mapping, CL mapping, or Ebeam writing on the FEM and high-temperature analysis, battery charge/discharge processes on the XRD. For these processes, after four consecutive hours of standard evening rate use, the rate reduces for the rest of the evening/weekend hours of use. The reduced rate stops at the first daytime hour, i.e., 9am on Monday, whereupon standard daytime hourly rates begin.


MSU Overnight Rate

External Academic and Government Overnight Rate

Commercial Overnight Rate

FEM $10/hr $15/hr $30/hr
XRD $8/hr $12/hr $24/hr

General Policies

  • Time usage is billed in fifteen-minute increments.
  • The Short Course fee is assessed after the first training.