The D8 ADVANCE relies on the unique D8 diffractometer family platform. It is suited best for x-ray powder diffraction and scattering applications such as: standard x-ray powder diffraction, pair distribution function analysis, and small and wide angle x-ray scattering.

D8 ADVANCE also has the defining feature of being able to measure any sample type. This can range from liquids to loose powders, and from thin films to solid blocks.

In addition, the D8 ADVANCE is easy to use and provides the service of making recognitions and validations when in use.

In summary, the D8 ADVANCE can provide the following:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Adaptive ability to measure all types of samples
  • Twin/twin optics which allow for simpler use due to it being able to switch between 4 different beam geometries
  • Dynamic beam optimization which improves data quality for x-ray diffraction (especially for low angles)
  • A LYNXEYE XE-T detector that provides a high quality detection system