Here you will find brief descriptions and links to new demonstrations or updates to current demonstrations that may be useful in upcoming lectures. Check back often asnewdemonstrations will be added here as they are completed. The list will be in order of newest demonstration (or update) to oldest.



Demonstration ID, Name and Link


5 Magnetic Fields 5H10.05 - Compass Array and Magnet

An array of compasses align with the magnetic field of a bar magnet

3 Resonance  3B70.10 - Sympathetic Vibrations: Resonance Ping Pong

Hitting a tuning fork on a resonance box will cause a similar tuning fork on a second resonance box to vibrate causing a ping pong ball to bounce.

3 Resonance 3D40.50 - Singing wine glass Rub your finger on the rim of a wine glass partially filled with water to cause the glass to "sing"
1 Rotational Dynamics/Energy 1Q60.25 - Euler's Disk

Spin a metal disk on a low friction surface

3 Springs and Oscillators 3A20.15 - 5 Springs with Different Spring Constants

Five springs with the same unstretched length but different spring constants. Place 1Kg mass on each to see the effect of different spring constants on the stretched length and oscillation rates.

5 Induced Currents 5K10.26 - Induced Current Flash Bulb.  Using a coil of wire ignite camera flash bulbs of varying brightnesses. 
1 Work and Energy 1M30.25 - Two Ramp Ball Race Race two ball bearings across a table via two ramps with different slopes but same starting height. 
1 Action and Reaction 1H10.02 - Horizontal Spring scale

Lay a spring scale horizontally with a 1Kg mass hanging from each end - what does the scale read?

4 Phase Changes: Liquid-Solid 4C20.01 - Latent Heat of Fusion

Super-cooled sodium acetate trihydrate pouches crystalize when agitated forming a solid and releasing heat as they freeze. 

5 Magnetic Potential Energy 5H20.20 - Magnetic Potential Energy

Launch a ball bearing off a u-shaped ramp seemingly violating conservation of energy. Where did the extra energy come from?

6 Reflection Total Internal Reflection with Diffraction Grating

Total internal reflection using a diffraction grating

6 Reflection Total internal reflection

Total internal reflection 

6 Refraction 6A42.12 - Dual Beam Refraction

Demonstration showing why obects under water are not where they appear from a external viewpoint.

6 Light and Color 6F10.14 - "Digital Light" and RGB Illumination 

Use tunable RGB light sources to shed light on our perception of the color of an object. 

1 Conservation of Energy 1M30.43 - Conservation of Energy - Heat Generated in Collision

The conservation and transfer of energy is demonstrated by clashing two spheres together separated by a sheet of paper. 

5 Electromagnetic Induction  5G50.51 - Levitating pucks

Semiconducing pucks can be suspended above a magnetic track and will travel around the track when pushed. 

5 Electromagnetic Induction  5G50.50 - Levitating Magnet

A large (2") or medium (1") NIB magnet is held in suspension above a superconducting disc cooled with liquid nitrogen.

1 Newton's Second Law 1G10.30 - Weight of Mass

Updated variants of the previous 'Weight of Mass' Demonstration

1 Newton's First Law 1F20.09 - Inertia Bolwing Ball

Gently pull on the string attached to the bowling you can lift the ball off the table into the air. Pull quickly and the string breaks before you are able to lift the ball off the table. 

Rotational Dynamics 1Q30.05 - Holding a Rotating Wheel

One can feel the effects of changing the rotational axis of a rotating wheel held out at arms length. This wheel is substantially lighter than the weighted wheel. 

1 Motion in Two Dimensions 1D.10.45 - Unmounted Wheel 

A wheel to show motion in two dimensions which can be easily handheld or rolled on a table. 


2 Fluids 2B40.16 - Buoyant Force

Three black blocks of equal volume and different mass (wood, aluminium, steel) are placed in water. Which experiences a different buoyant force? Update: The same experiment with Coke vs. Diet coke.

6 Optics 6F10.11 - Color Projection and Creating White Light

Three slide projectors project GRB or CYM light to create other colors or white light. 

5 Electromagnetic Induction  5K10.28 - Inducing Current in Coils Dropping a magnet throught two closed coils to demonstrate induced current using a wire and LED.
5 Electrostatics 5B10.77 - Visualizing Point Charge E-Field Lines and Gaussian Sphere Visualization of the field lines from a point charge. The support sphere can aid in visualizing a spherical Gaussian surface. 
4 Entropy and the Second Law 4F30.10 - Stirling Engine Two variants of Striling Engines.
5 Electromagnetic Induction 5K40.17 Solar/Light Powered Motor Electric motor that runs on electricity generated by light.
 5 Electromagnetic Induction  5K10.05 Wireless Music Coil Play music wirelessly through a tape player with a small coil from a MP3 or mobile device (with a 3.5mm headphone jack).
5 Electromagnetic Radiation  5N20.40 Tesla Coil New tesla coil that can have the output frequency manually adjusted or to play music. Has 6-8 inch arcs. 
3 Instruments 3D40.30 Chladni Plate New Chaladni Plate which can be connected to wired and wirelessly. 
2 Fluids 2C10.05 Air as a Fluid An “air-gun” can demonstrate air moving as a fluid and knock over a stack of cans from a large distance.
4 Change of State 4C20.05 Liquid Metal (Solid to Liquid)  Create liquid metal at low temperture with a Gallium nugget.