Statement on Racism


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written by members of W+iP and leaders of TaMIA 

Members of Women+ in Physics (W+iP), leaders of Towards a More Inclusive Astronomy (TaMIA), and the following members of the Montana State University Physics Department condemn racism and will hold ourselves and each other accountable for our words and actions.  We recognize the presence of racial discrimination in our society and the importance of our role in eliminating it.  As part of our commitment to create and maintain an inclusive space in the MSU Physics Department:

  • we will work to identify and address racial biases in the scientific community, including our own, and act to eliminate racist behaviours and practices present in our department.  Those of us who are members of hiring and student recruitment committees will take steps to implement anti-racist enrollment and hiring practices in our department. 
  • we will engage with and accept the feedback of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) students and staff members, and provide a safe space to voice their concerns.
  • we will educate ourselves by advocating for and organizing training and workshops on conflict mediation & bystander intervention.  We specifically encourage participation from the staff and faculty of our department regarding this point.  Institutional change should not come from students alone.
  • finally, we acknowledge that many of us can never fully understand the experiences of BIPOC in physics and astronomy.  Given this, we promise to listen to, support, and advocate for our BIPOC colleagues, teachers, students, and their families.  




Recep Avci, Director of ICAL

Wm. Randall Babbitt, Professor

Sean Brannon, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Nick Borys, Assistant Professor

Katherine Bruce, Graduate Student

Catherine Bunn, Graduate Student

Nick Childs, Assistant Teaching Professor

Erica Chwalik, Graduate Student

Aislinn Daniels, Graduate Student

Angela Des Jardins, Associate Research Professor

Katharine Downey, Graduate Student/GTA

Katie Fasbender, W+iP Prez., Graduate Student 

Grace Fiacco, Graduate Student

Rachael Filwett, Assistant Professor

Abigail Firme, Graduate Student

Mystique Fox, Astrophysics Undergraduate

Bethany Garver, Grad Student

Margaret Jarett, Graduate Program Coordinator

Charles Kankelborg, Professor

Seth Kimbrell, Graduate Research Asistant

Reyann Larkey, Graduate Student

Quentin Lucas, Undergrad

Dylan Meyer, Graduate Student

Michael Mingyar, Graduate Student

Mallory Molina, Postdoctoral Researcher

Jessica Myron, Physics Graduate Student

Remya Nair, Post-Doctoral research fellow

Madison Nelson, Graduate Student 

David Nidever, Assistant Professor 

Zoe Noble, Undergrad

Corey Pearson, Graduate Student

Nicolas Pichette, Grad Student

Connor Pollock, Grad Student

Joshua Povick, Graduate Student

Willow Reed, Graduate Student

Amy Reines, Assistant Professor

Paul Rugheimer, Teaching Professor

Adonis Sanchez, Graduate Student

Richard Smith, Professor Emeritus 

Hang Yu, Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Vinson, Vice President, W+iP/Undergrad

Cal Wilkens, Graduate Student

Shannon Willoughby, Associate Professor of Physics