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Posts from the popular astrobites journal about careers in astronomy and related fields.  Features posts about keynote spekaers, professionals, and current matters.


From page:  "The Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons promotes inclusion and understanding of difference, supports students from underrepresented identity groups, and encourages critical thinking about diversity topics. The mission of the MSU DISC is to increase understanding, promote inclusion, and inspire critical thinking about diversity, as well as to provide support for those who identify with a wide range of diverse identity groups." 

Highlights: MSU Diversity Reports, programs & events, identity/basic needs resources 


From page:  "Having a welcoming community for outdoor enthusiasts is important to us. Sometimes it just feels good to go on adventures with people you can relate to.Maybe you have been climbing for years, or maybe you want to camp for the firsttime. Maybe you're a trail runner, or maybe you are just a casual wanderer.Whatever your needs are, Earthtone Outsideᴹᵀ is a good place to start meetingpeople of diverse backgrounds who share your interests." 

Highlights: Diversify Outdoors, community events 


A 1-year fellowship for graduate students currently writing their dissertation.  


The Montana State University Graduate School commitment to improving the experiences of grad students, especially those who are under-represented.  Additional : Graduate School Resources Index

Highlights: Student diversity associations, MSU Disability Services, MSU Women's Center, mentoring


From page:  "It is vital that graduate students are healthy and well. The Graduate School is launching a new Graduate Student Wellness Initiative in Fall 2020. Teams are in place to work with departments across the university to support students with their academic and career goals, wellness, mentoring, and access to basic needs."


An old community page for queer physicists and astronomers. 

Highlights: AAS Best Practices Guide, physics and astronomy OutLists, articles & media, statistics


On-campus resources for LGBTQ+ university members.

Highlights: QSA & other university clubs/programs, crisis & incident support, campus contacts


From page: "The Montana Gender Alliance, a cornerstone of the Gender Expansion Project community outreach programs, is a collective network of individuals of gender diversity, their families, and their allies. We provide a safe space for support and discussion of topics in which often surround the gender diverse spectrum.  We provide support in a wide variety of ways; through discussion, through collective events, and through direct support."


From page:  "The Office of Health Advancement educates, empowers, and energizes the MSU community to thrive through a balanced lifestyle.  We promote generalized well-being by educating on topics such as sexual health, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, as well as the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. We address primary health and safety risks specific to the college population by applying evidence informed and collaborative prevention strategies."


From page:  "The Office of Institutional Equity supports the University’s goals by promoting an inclusive, diverse and supportive environment for external members of the campus community and our employees and students to excel regardless of their race, color, national origin (ancestry), sex, sexual preference/orientation, gender identity, gender expression, transgender, marital or parental status, age, creed, religion or political beliefs, mental or physical disability, genetic information or status as a veteran." 

Highlights: Bias reporting, discrimination/harrassment reporting, Title IX (mandatory reporting), Counceling & Psychological Services, MSU Discrimination Policy


From page:  "#VanguardSTEM is an online network and empowered community of women of color, girls of color and non-binary people of color living at the intersections and thriving on the STEM frontier. Catch up and tune in as we share tools, cultivate wisdom and amplify our voices while living our best STEM lives!"


From page:  "The MSU VOICE Center provides free and confidential services and information for all people impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and harassment; including friends, family, and loved ones of survivors. Advocates are available 24-hours a day to provide confidential support, information, and discuss different options."