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Ongoing Projects/Events


Coffee+Mentoring Sessions


 W+iP has already hosted a successful C+M session, and we want to keep it going!  Thanks to the donations from MSU Giving Day 2020, we plan to hold more regular events for our undergrads to learn a thing or two from our experienced members.  Upcoming and past sessions include an REU Bootcamp, a Graduate School Application Workshop, and a CV-Polishing Affair.  Coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided. 

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The Practice Presentation Patrol

If you have a big presentation coming up, practice makes perfect.  The Practice Presentation Patrol is a project by W+iP that aims to send our members (who represent a wide array of research areas) out to attend your practice talk and give valuable feedback and advice.  Our goal here is to actively support our peers in the department.  If you've already scheduled a time and room, send an email to to notify our members.  
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Photo Gallery from Past Events
W+IP Coffee+MentoringLunch with Jocelyn Bell BurnellMeet with MIPA from Rutgers UniversityColloquium with Dr. Gurtina BeslaLunch with Dr. Gurtina BeslaAAS 235th Meeting AAS 235th Meeting AAS 23th Meeting YITP AsiaGroup Photo Spring 2020

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Past Schedules


9/4/2018 Welcome Back! First semester meeting at 12 pm in the Dayton

9/21/2018 Lunch with colloquium speaker, Dr. Julie Comerford

9/28/2018 Lunch with Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell


10/2/2018 Meeting at 12pm in the Dayton

10/30/2018 Meeting at 12pm in the Dayton


11/27/2018 Meeting at 12pm in the Dayton


1/28/2019 Welcome back!Meeting at 1pm in the Dayton


2/17/2019  Off-Campus Social at 2pm at Rockford Coffee


3/25/2019 Meeting at 1pm in the Dayton 


4/12/2019  Meeting at 2:30 pm with colloquium speaker, Dr. Vivian Ferry

4/22/2019 Meeting at 1pm in the Dayton


9/18/2019 Welcome Back! First semester meeting at 2 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)

9/27/2019 Lunch with colloquium speaker, Dr.Alison Coil


10/16/2019 Meeting at 2 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)

10/29/2019  Meeting at 3 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)


11/13/2019  Meeting at 2 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)

11/20/2019  Coffee + Mentoring Event at 1-3 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)

11/26/2019  Meeting at 3 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)


12/3/2019 Meeting at 3 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)

12/06/2019 Lunch at 1pm with colloquium speaker Dr. Gurtina Besla


01/17/2020 Welcome Back! First semester meeting at 3:10 pm in Dayton (Barnard 258)

01/25/2020  Off Campus Social at 11 am at Rockford Coffee

01/28/2020  Meeting at 3:30 pm in Dayton


02/14/2020  Meeting at 11 am in Hiscock (Barnard 235) - Remote call with SWIP from Ohio State University 

02/28/2020  Meeting at 11 am in Barnard 228 - Remote call with W+iA from Penn State


03/09/2020 Meeting at 3:10 pm in Hiscock (Barnard 235)