Weekly Meeting Agenda*

Meeting Day Topic Announcements
1/22 Election Info, Game Night Officer candidate announcements, research talks
1/29 Elections  
2/5 Code Talk - CS Standards  
2/12 Applied Code (Python, Matlab, Mathematica, LaTeX, etc.)  Formatting amendment to constitution
2/19 Better Posters  

CV / resumes

3/5  Grad school talk with John  
3/12 Other resources you should know (Technical Writing, databases, terminal)  
3/19 What classes should we take?  
3/26 GRE Talk / State of physics after Covid  
4/9  Industry Talk**  
4/16 Town Hall Pre-Discussion  

* These meeting topics are subject to change. Use this table as a guide to what we plan to be sharing with you this semester. The topics will be fleshed out as we know them as club officers. 

** These meetings are very tentative plans and will move according to availability of guests

On the list, but not scheduled:

  • Climate Change discussion/presentation
  • Mental health conversation
  • Physics department discussion


Calendar of notable events