Because of covid restrictions, we have moved meetings to the Discord server. To get access email us! Meetings are Fridays at 5:00-6:00 MST. 

About Us

Our main goal is to provide a wide variety of activities of interest and benefit to the Physics students at Montana State. Housed in Barnard Hall 255, SPS is actively working in the Physics department to provide anyone interested in Physics with opportunities, information, and social events that are unique to the Physics community. We welcome anyone interested in Physics to attend one of our meetings. 


Where we are

SPS Room

The Physics Department has provided Barnard 255 for the Society of Physics Students to use. The room is usually quiet, but there are many resources for you to use if you need to. Among the list are: computers, a club printer, physics department espresso machine, basic office supplies, and private study room.

Because of covid logistic issues, we have suspended the espresso machine until further notice.

Meeting Room

We usually have meetings right after physics colloquium gets out in the Dayton Conference Room (Barnard 258). Obviously, with many parts of campus still shut down, our meetings have been temporarily moved to the Undergraduate Physics discord server on Fridays at 5:10-6:00, email us for the access code. We hope to see you there!


Many of our officers and member are the social butterflies of the Undergraduate Physics program. If you have questions about SPS or general physics, feel free to bother the noisy group of physicists on the second floor of Barnard.

In an attempt to provide a safe, socially distanced alternative to the physical atrium, avid members of the Undergraduate Physics program have made a discord server, if you are interested send us an email. This server is not the physics help center, but instead a social server for physics majors and those closely tied to the department (such as physics heavy math majors and involved engineers). Feel free to jump onto the server if you want to take part, just make sure to read the rules when you join.