Dr. Daniel Reiss

PhD Thesi1997  "Transientes und Zweifarb-Lochbrennen mit holographischer Detektion"
Presently  at EMPA, Switzerland.

Dr. Daniel Erni

PhD Thesis 1997 "Photonechos mit spektral modulierten ultrakurzen Pulsen"

Dr. Olavi Ollikainen

PhD Thesis 1996  "Application of persistent spectral hole burning in ultrafast optical neural networks, time-resolved spectroscopy and holographic interferometry"

Presently  at EVOTEC BioSyatems AG, Tallinn.

Dr. Walter Ferri

PhD Thesis 1996 "Diffraction properties of time-and-space-domain volume holograms in frequency-selective materials studied with ultrashort pulses"

Dr. Marcel Tschanz

PhD Thesis 1995  "Experimentelle Untersuchungen von spektralem Lochbrennen in Wellenleiter-Geometri"

Presently at Spectrospin AG , Zurich.

Dr. Heinrich Schwoerer

PhD Thesis 1994  "Spektrale Lochbrennmaterialien als hochaufloesende lineare Amplituden- und Phasenfilter fuer ultrakurze Laserpulse", 
Presently  at University of Jena, Germany 

Dr. Wen-Ying Huang

PhD Thesis 1994  "The total luminescence spectra of Chlorin and Isobacteriochlorin at low temperatures"
Presently  at York College of City University of New York, New York, with Prof. Johnson's group.

Dr. Hansruedy Gygax

PhD Thesis 1993  "Von zeitaufgeloester Fluoreszezspektroskopie zum Photon-Echo-Experiment"
Presently at Roche Pharma, Zurich.

Dr, Juergen Gallus

PhD Thesis 1997 "