Time-dependent phenomena in E&M:

Here we will look at propagation and generation of EM fields 



 Time-dependent Maxwell equations 

    1. Flow of field energy and momentum
    2. Harmonic fields
  1. Plane Waves
    1. Plane waves and polarization
    2. Reflection and refraction
    3. Waves in media (insulators, plasma, metals) Wave packets
  2. Radiation
    1. Electric dipole radiation
    2. Power radiation
    3. Linear Antenna
    4. Multipole expansion (M.dipole, E.quadrupole)
  3. Scattering and diffraction
    1. Scattering on small objects
    2. Inhomogeneous media – Rayleigh's blue sky
    3. Diffraction on a circular aperture
  4. Waveguides
    1. Wave structure in guides
    2. Energy flow in waveguides
  5. Special Relativity
    1. Principles and postulates
    2. Kinematics, Energy, Momentum in SR
    3. Relativistic Electrodynamics
    4. Radiation by moving charges 

Some Lecture Notes: