Current members: 


Anton Vorontsov (PI)


Conducting research on non-uniform states in superconductors, superfluid He-3, and on multi-band superconductors, including pnictides and non-centrosymmetric materials.

Postdoctoral Associates:


Graduate Students:


Sourav Sen Choudhury


Electronic transport in phases with multiple orders.

Undegraduate Students:

If you are interested in theoretical physics, good at math and/or numerics (preferably C), and want to learn about condensed matter, we have several projects to start you with:

  • Research on superconductivity in magnetic field.
  • Superfluid He-3 


Former Members:


Caroline Richard 


Now at: MSU


Benjamin Rosemeyer

Grad Student

Now at: Bozeman MT

Andrew Hammer

Grad Student


Job Openings:

  • Please check back later.