Student Success Coordinator: Tom Woodstom woods




Help Center:
Due to COVID-19, extra precautions have been taken for your safety.  The Learning Center will be open for in person assistance.  We ask that Learning Center users follow current CDC Guidelines regarding masks and social distancing.  Assistance is available for students taking PHSX 205, 207, 220, and 222.

Peer Instruction Program: PHYX 205 and PHYX 220 only
The Learning Center also offers 50 minute small group tutorial sessions meeting twice weekly. We call these Learning Teams and we work as a group with worksheets to develop conceptual understanding and problem solving skills. These 50 minute sessions will meet in a room (TBA) and time (TBA). These Learning Teams are led by undergraduates who excelled in the class in a previous semester, hence the ‘Peer’ in the name. Team schedules will be based on your schedules that you supply on the Sign Up Questionnaire. To receive emails about these recitation sessions you will need to fill out the Sign UP Questionnaire available from me or your professor.
Here’s how this will work:

  1.  Decide if you want to participate in a Learning Team or just want Materials Access. Note, Learning Teams are not ‘drop in’ sessions, a commitment is required, and space is limited. If you just want Materials Access you can just send me an email.
  2. Fill out the Questionnaire (available in 230 EPS, from myself or your professor) and return it to me or your professor. You can always put them in my mailbox in the Physics Office, 264 EPS.
  3. I will load (enroll) you in a “Physics Learning Center” course at D2L. If you requested as Learning Team I will contact you with times and locations of these sessions. The Questionnaire does ask for your schedule and I will use the initial set of applications to set times that are best for those that enroll, so if you are serious, get your application in soon! Note, I will use your ecat email so please check it or have it forwarded!


Extra Material Access: PHYX 205, 207, 220, and 222
While we do not have resources for Learning Teams in 207 and 222, we do have extra materials for those courses as well as for 205 and 220. To get access to these at a D2L site send me an email with your user name and the class you want materials for.


You can find the Learning Center Questionnaire here.