The completed recommendation form may be included with the application, if the reference places it in a sealed
envelope with their signature over the seal. It may also be mailed separately by the reference by March 2, 2020
via e-mail as a pdf or via US Postal Service.

You can download a .pdf copy of the here:  Faculty Recommendation Form

Contact Information 

Mailing Address:
Montana State University - Physics Dept.            
Prof. Brian D'Urso
NSF REU Program
PO BOX 173840
Bozeman, MT 59717-3840

E-mail Address:

Contact Information:
Phone: (406) 994 - 3456    
Fax: (406) 994-4452

Student Applicant Information 

The first and last names of the student you are referring must be included with the reference materials.

Reference Information

Each faculty reference must include the full name, title, email address, mailing address, phone number and, if available, fax number.


Write a few sentences or a short paragraph indicating how long and how well you have known the applicant.   Include under what conditions you have known the applicant.  Write another sentence indicating if you know of any problems related to responsibility, qualifications, or performance which should be considered.

Applicant Assessment

On the application you will be asked to assess the applicant in several metrics using the following scale.  Below average (lower 50%), average (upper 50%), very good (upper 20%), outstanding (upper 10%), exceptional (upper 5%) and cannot evaluate.  The areas you will assess are as follows.

  • Grasp of Basic Science
  • Grasp of Math
  • Suitability for Experimental Work
  • Suitability for Theoretical Work
  • Intellectual Independence
  • Capacity for Analytical Thinking
  • Intiative, Drive and Motivation.