The Physics Engineering Design Lab (PEDL) supports the academic and research missions of the Department of Physics at MSU.  We seek to provide advanced instrumentation systems, electrical and electromechanical design, development, consulting, components, and repair of scientific instrumentation.

Engineering design and fabrication services

The PEDL provides in-house capabilities for engineering and fabrication of electrical and electromechanical hardware from concept to final product.  This includes circuit design, PCB layout and manufacturing, case design, and final assembly.
A student shown milling a printed circuit board (PCB)


  • Mentor Graphics PADS:  Schematic capture, PCB Layout, circuit simulation CAD software
  • T-Tech Quick Circuit 5000:  PCB prototyping mill
  • Tools:  Soldering and de-soldering irons, hot air station for SMD, test equipment
  • Individual consultation on your design


Extensive inventory of electronic components

The PEDL stocks a wide array of components, focusing on the needs of the academic and specific research interests within the department.  At any given time, we have approximately 4000 components on-hand.  If you have a special request or are in need of components that you do not see listed on this page, check with the PEDL staff.  Often we will have what you need or can offer a reasonable substitute.

  • Capacitors: pF to Farad in Silver Mica, Polypropylene, Polyester Film, Tantalum, Ceramic X7R, Electrolytic
  • Resistors: Extensive collection of 1% and 5% resistors and trimpots
  • IC Devices: Timers, counters, gates, op amps, logic
  • SMD: 1206 Resistors 0 to 1.0 Mohm, 1206 Capacitors 1pF to 10uF, trimpots 10 ohm to 1 Mohm, assorted SMT IC's
  • Other electronics: Voltage regulators, diodes, transistors, rectifiers, relays, LED’s, fuses
  • Wire: Hookup wire in 4 sizes and 10 different colors, assorted ribbon and coax cable
  • Connectors: Banana, RF, audio, power pole, terminal blocks, D-Sub
  • Hardware: Metal and nylon nuts, bolts, washers, and standoffs, sheet metal screws, project enclosures/boxes, power cords, transformers, power supplies, variac


Electrostatic workstation

Additional Capabilities

  • Instrumentation Repair 
  • ESD-safe workbenches with oscilloscopes, function generators, multi-meters, and power supplies
  • Cable manufacturing equipment 
  • Loaner test and measurement equipment 
  • Disposal Services – We collect old batteries and electronics for proper disposal

Hours of operation

Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm


Paul Rugheimer