Colloquia are normally held on Fridays from 4:10 - 5 PM in Barnard Hall 103. A Reception for the Speaker with refreshments served begins at 3:45pm in the Barnard second floor atrium. All Departments and off-campus guests are welcome to attend. Come and join us for coffee or tea and cookies, listen to our interesting speakers!

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Spring Semester 2022
Date Speaker Title Host
January 21      
January 28      
February 4      
February 11      
February 18

Martin Mosquera

(MSU, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Entangled and Unentangled Quantum States: New Methods and Applications

Anton Vorontsov
February 25      
March 4 Luke Kelley (Northwestern U) 

Binary Massive Black Holes, Active Galactic Nuclei, and Gravitational Waves

Neil Cornish
March 11 Nils Deppe (Caltech) Keeping Up With Experimentalists: Accurate Predictions for Multimessenger Gravitational Wave Astrophysics Neil Cornish
March 18 Spring Break    
March 25 Stephen Green (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics) Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and Machine Learning Probes Neil Cornish
April 1 Hang Yu (Caltech) Cosmology and astrophysics from gravitational-wave observations at 0.01-1 Hz Neil Cornish
April 8 Rachael Filwett (U. Iowa) Energetic Ions, from the Sun to the Earth, and Everywhere in Between John Sample

April 14

(Notice: Thursday)

Phyllis Whittlesey  (UC Berkeley) The Shape of the Wind: Discovering Magnetic Topology Throughout the Heliosphere John Sample
April 22 Drew Miles (CalTech) Enabling new observations of diffuse astrophysical emission with sate-of-the art grating technology John Sample
April 29 Trae Winter (ARISA Lab)

The Eclipse Soundscapes Projects: How ARISA Lab is making science more inclusive, accessible, and engaging for everyone


Shannon Willoughby
May 6      


Fall Semester 2021
Date Speaker Title Host
October 15      
October 22 Jim Sauls (Northwestern U)

The Left Hand of the Electron in a Chiral Vacuum


Anton Vorontsov
October 29      
November 5      
November 12 Daniel Agterberg (U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee) The key symmetries of superconductivity Anton Vorontsov
November 19 Chris Lowder (SwRI)

Fluxon modeling of the steady solar wind


Jiong Qiu
November 26 Thanksgiving break    
December 3      
December 10

Salvador Barraza-Lopez 

(University of Arkansas)

Physical Properties of Ferroelectric Group-IV Monochalcogenide Monolayers Nick Borys
December 17 Semester ends Dec 16