Colloquiums are held on Fridays from 4:10 - 5pm, usually in EPS108 or EPS103 if a larger audience is anticipated. Refreshments are served prior to the talk at 3:45pm in the EPS second floor lobby. Come and join us for coffee or tea and cookies!

Date Speaker Title and Abstract Host
Spring Semester 2014
January 10      
January 17 Dr. Longcope, MSU Solar Physics How magnetic energy is stored and released in a star's corona: the basics Jiong Qiu
January 24      
January 31 Dr. Kenneth Nordtvedt, Professor Emeritus, MSU Physics

45 Years of Lunar Laser Ranging versus a New 3-Body Pulsar System

Jiong Qiu
February 7 Dr. Nicholas Childs, MSU Physics Sr2-xVMoO6-y Double Perovskites: a New Generation of SOFC Anodes Jiong Qiu
February 14 Prof. Yianyu Zhang, Math Dept, MSU "Modeling and Simulation of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Thin Film" Jiong Qiu
February 21 Dr. David McKenzie, MSU Physics "Speakable and Unspeakable in the Solar Corona" Jiong Qiu
February 28 Dr. Nate McCrady, UM Department of Physics Minerva: Big Science with Small Telescopes Angela Des Jardins
March 7 Dr. Andrey Chubukov, University of Wisconsin “Superconductivity from repulsive interaction” Ben Rosemeyer
March 10-14 Springbreak    
March 21 Dr David Klumpar, Director SSEL, MSU Physics "What's the Space Science and
Engineering Laboratory up to: Past,
Present, and (the ideal) Future"
Jiong Qiu
March 28 MSU alumni Courtney Peck, Colorado University, Boulder "Research Through MSU Physics: A Student Perspective" Jiong Qiu
April 4 Dr. John C. Priscu, Professor, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences Microbial Habitability of Icy Worlds Jiong Qiu
April 7(Monday) Dr. Michelle Larson (Adler Planetarium) "Cosmic Wonder: The only thing bigger than the Universe is human curiosity" MSGC
April 11 Dr. Kent Yagi, MSU Physics   Jiong Qiu
April 18 University Day    
April 25 Dr. Mehmet Unver, MSU Physics "Teaching in a TEAL Classroom: Teaching Physics Through Active Engagement of Students" Jiong Qiu
Fall Semester 2013
August 30 Dr. Andres Munoz, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics How to Improve Model-based Predictions of the Solar Cycle Piet Martens
September 6      
September 13 Dr Nico Yunes, MSU Physics Gravity Group "I-Love-Q" Jiong Qiu
September 20 Dr. Rafal Angryk, MSU Computer Science "Solar Data Mining" Piet Martens
September 27      
October 4 Ralph Chamberlain, Arizona State University   Ben Rosemeyer
October 11      
October 18 Bill Halperin, Northwestern University Topological quantum states in condensed matter physics: chiral superfluids Anton Vorontsov
October 25 Dr. Thomas Intrator, Los Alamos National Lab Flux ropes and the 3D dynamics of magnetic field lines Jiong Qiu
November 1 Lucas Tarr, MSU Physics Determining the current in a current sheet above emerging flux on the Sun
Refreshment courtesy of David McKenzie
Jiong Qiu
November 8 Adam Stern and Casey Smith, Resonan Bozeman "Hyperspectral imaging: current applications and future trends"
Refreshment courtesy of Aleks Rebane
Shannon Willoughby
November 15 Janelle Bailey Meeting Students Halfway: Increasing Self-Efficacy and Promoting Knowledge Change in Astronomy Shannon Willoughby
November 22 Dr. Benjamin White, University of California, San Diego From Humble Electrons to Massive Quasiparticles: The Physics of Heavy-Fermion Materials John Neumeier
November 29 THANKSGIVING    
December 6 Dr. Charles Kankelborg, MSU Physics IRIS Mission Jiong Qiu
Decmber 13 FINALS WEEK    


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