Departmental Resources available for use:

Below you will find a list of items and their total quanity that is available for physics departmental use to aid in your online teaching. Usage requests will determine "checkout" duration times. Please contact Shane for checkout requests. Techsmith resources can be found here: MSU Techsmith Resources. You can find additional Teaching and Learning Technologies here: Teaching and Learning Technologies.





Wireless lapel mic (~6 hours of continuous use, can be charged while in use) x2  
Logitec c920 Webcams (up to 1080p 30fps) x3  
Sony A6100 Mirrorless camera (Great for deomonstration recordings or higher quality video, can be paired with wireless lapel mics) x1  
University supplied webcams (up to 1080p 30fps) x4  
Tripods w/ ball heads (these tripods are for astronomy labs, but will not be in use this fall. Can be used with any of the webcams/cameras listed above with hot-shoe) x6  
Ball Head with hot shoe (ball head mounts to 3/8in threads) x1  
Amplified USB extension cables (~25-30ft) x2  
Non-self powered microphones (needs power from recording device) x2  
Tablets (will be used periodically for 224/201 lab/course but can be used if not in use) x10  


Please contact Shane with any questions or potential support needs.