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Selected Honors, Awards, and Public Outreach/Service:

Fellow, SPIE - 2008; Excellence in Outreach and Service, MSU College of Engineering - 2008; Excellence in Research, MSU College of Engineering - 2007; Outstanding Researcher, MSU ECE Department - 2006; Fellow, Optical Society of America - 2004; Professor Vilho Vaisala Award (World Meteorological Organization) - 2001; Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers - 1998; NOAA Outstanding Research Paper Award - 1998; NOAA Bronze Medal Award - 1996 

Biographical Sketch:

Ph.D. Optical Sciences, University of Arizona M.S. EE, University of Utah B.S. EE, University of Alaska - Fairbanks I joined the Montana State University faculty in August 2001 after spending 12 years at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Environmental Technology Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado. My research involves developing, calibrating, and operating optical remote sensing systems for studying the atmosphere and the natural Earth environment. Specific interests include lidar, polarimetric imaging; spectral imaging, infrared radiometric imaging, photography and study of optical phenomena in nature, meteorology, and optical system design.


Director, Optical Technology Center (OpTeC) Teaching interests: Optical Design (EE 582) Remote Sensing Systems (EE 583) Electro-Optical Systems (EE 482) Fourier Optics (EE 581)

Selected Publications:

J. A. Shaw, P. W. Nugent, N. J. Pust, B. Thurairajah, and K. Mizutani, “Radiometric cloud imaging with an uncooled microbolometer thermal infrared camera,” Opt. Express 13(15), 5807–5817, 25 July, 2005. J. A. Shaw, N. L. Seldomridge, D. L. Dunkle, P. W. Nugent, L. Spangler, J. H. Churnside, J. J. Wilson, J. Bromenshenk, C. Henderson, “Polarization lidar measurements of honeybees in flight for locating landmines,” Opt. Express 13(15), 5853–5863, 25 July, 2005. B. Thurairajah and J. A. Shaw, “Cloud statistics measured with the Infrared Cloud Imager,” IEEE Trans. Geosci. Rem. Sens. 43(9), 2000–2007, Sept. 2005. K. Repasky, J. A. Shaw, R. Scheppele, C. Melton, J. A. Carlsten, and L. H. Spangler, “Optical detection of honeybees using wing-beat modulation of scattered laser light for locating explosives and landmines,” Appl. Opt. 45(8), 1839-1843, Mar. 2006. N. L. Seldomridge, J. A. Shaw, and K. S. Repasky, “Dual-polarization cloud lidar using a liquid crystal variable retarder,” Opt. Eng. 45(10), 106202–1-10, Oct. 2006. N. J. Pust and J. A. Shaw, “Dual-field Imaging Polarimeter using Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders,” Appl. Opt. 45(22), 5470-5478, 1 Aug., 2006. J. S. Tyo, D. L. Goldstein, D. B. Chenault, and J. A. Shaw, “A Review of passive imaging polarimetry for remote sensing applications,” Appl. Opt. 45(22), 5453-5469, 1 Aug., 2006. M. D. Obland, A. R. Nehrir, K. S. Repasky, J. L. Carlsten, and J. A. Shaw, “Application of extended tuning range for external cavity diode lasers to water vapor differential absorption measurements,” Opt. Eng., in press Feb. 2007.

Selected Talks:

J. A. Shaw, "Endangered night skies: light pollution explained," public lecture for the Southwest Montana Astronomical Society at Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT, 23 Feb., 2007. J. A. Shaw, "Color and polarization in the atmosphere: a birthday tribute to Lord Rayleigh," Colloquium, College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 16 Nov., 2006. 

Academic Responsibilities:

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