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I'm originally from Memphis, where I grew up and went to college at Christian Brothers. I received my Ph.D. in May of 1997 from the University of Delaware, in the joint program of the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy and the Bartol Research Institute. I joined the Solar Physics Group at MSU-Bozeman in January 1997. Here I've had the opportunity to participate in Mission Operations, Data Analysis, and Education & Public Outreach for several missions, including Yohkoh, TRACE, Hinode (Solar-B), and the upcoming Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).


I am an Assistant Research Professor in the Solar Physics Group at Montana State University. My work focuses on observations and analysis of solar flares and the structures which produce them; the behavior of magnetic fields during flares; and the heating of stellar coronae. For these studies, I primarily use ultraviolet and X-ray observations from telescopes orbiting the Earth. I work with graduate students and other faculty at MSU, and partners at other institutions, to operate NASA's TRACE satellite and the X-Ray Telescope on the JAXA/NASA/UK Hinode satellite. I'm also involved in education & public outreach projects related to solar and space science.

Selected Publications:

  • Supra-Arcade Downflows: Results from Observational Analysis", by McKenzie, D.E., Savage, S.L., & Tolan, J.E. 2006, Proceedings of the 6th Solar-B Science Meeting, Kyoto, Japan, 7-10 November 2005 (in press). 
  • "Observations of Separator Reconnection to an Emerging Active Region", by Longcope, D.W., McKenzie, D.E., Cirtain, J., & Scott, J. 2005, ApJ, 630, 596 (PDF). 
  • "Periodic Variations in X-Ray Emission Intensity of Coronal Loops", by D.E. McKenzie, E. Pollock, & C. Lane 2004, Proceedings of the SOHO 15 Workshop--Coronal Heating, St. Andrews, Scotland, 6-9 Deptember 2004, (ESA SP-575, December 2004). 
  • "Observations of 1000 km s-1 Doppler Shifts in 107 K Solar Flare Supra-Arcade", by D.E. Innes, D.E. McKenzie, & T. Wang 2003, Solar Physics, 217, 267 (PDF). 
  • "SUMER Spectral Observations of Postflare Supra-Arcade Inflows", by D.E. Innes, D.E. McKenzie, & T. Wang 2003, Solar Physics, 217, 247 (PDF).