We are very excited to announce that Greg Francis has just come out with another textbook: 

Ron Hellings, Jeff Adams, and Greg Francis, College Physics: Putting It All Together, 1st Edition, (University Science Books, 2018)

We found through many collected years of teaching that many – no, most – of our students were not finding the traditional textbook to be a useful resource. Even the students who were reading the text faithfully were usually just letting the words pass in front of their eyeballs, searching for the end of the chapter. Many only skimmed the text looking for examples that might help them solve the homework assignments. We also noticed that before every exam we would have students visit our office with the same disturbing message. “I have attended all the lectures and done all the homework. I am still not seeing the big picture. I don’t get it.” We wrote this textbook to help that student.  With each major topic we have tried to picture that frustrated student in our office, and then we have attempted to paint the big picture that will help our students leave the office with a big smile, asking “Is that all there is to it?”


To this end, we have created a book with a single story line, free of all the sidebars and distractions.  We have cut the cost of the book by leaving out the fancy pictures and using simple two-color diagrams and stick figures instead. And we have used a relaxed writing style, explaining things the way we actually talk when helping actual students.