If a course below is not hyperlinked, the content may not have been made available yet or there may not be any online material for the course this semester. Ask your instructor for more information. 

A complete list of Physics classes and their descriptions can be found in the MSU Catalog.

PHSX-103IN How Things Work Keith Johnson
ASTR-110IN-01 Intro to Astr: Mysteries of the Sky Dr. Willoughby
ASTR-110IN-02 Intro to Astr: Mysteries of the Sky Dr. Willoughby
PHSX-201-01IN Physics by Inquiry Kylee Martens
PHSX-201-02IN Physics by Inquiry Ken Taylor
PHSX-205-01 College Physics I Dr. Francis
PHSX-205-02 College Physics I Dr. Francis
PHSX-207-01 College Physics II Dr. Francis
PHSX 207-02 College Physics 2 Dr. Francis
PHSX-220-01 Gen & Modern Physics I Dr. Childs
PHSX-220-02 Gen & Modern Physics I Dr. Childs
PHSX-222-01 Gen & Modern Physics II Dr, Rugheimer
PHSX-222-16 Gen & Modern Physics II Dr. Rugheimer
PHSX-224 Gen& Mod Phys 3 Dr. Neumeier
PHSX-242 Honors Gen &Modern Physics 2 Philip Eaton
PHSX-262 Laboratory Electronics 2 Dr. Sample
PHSX-301 Intro to Theor Physics Dr.Riedel
PHSX-305 Art and Science of Holography Dr. Rugheimer
PHSX-341 Special Relativity Dr. Van Eysden
PHSX-423 Elect. &M Mag 1 Dr. Kankelborg
PHSX-437 Laser Applications Dr. Cone
PHSX-441 Solid State Physics Dr. Neumeier
PHSX-446 Thermo And St.Mech Dr. Avci
PHSX-451 Elem. Particle Physics Dr. Riedel
PHSX-462 Intro Q.M. 2 Dr. Babbitt
PHSX-494-12 Frontiers in Physics Dr. Idzerda
PHSX-499-C Capstone Present Dr. Idzerda
PHSX-507 Quantum Mech 2 Dr. Link
PHSX-519 E&M 1 Dr. Rebane
PHSX-544 Condensed Matter 1 Dr. Idzerda
PHSX-524 General Rel. 2 Dr. Yunes
 PHSX-535 Statistical Mechanics Dr. Grachov
PHSX-591 Solar Obs. Tech. Dr. Longcope
PHSX- 594-15 Intro to Research Dr. Idzerda